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Crossover or SUV: Which is right for me?

When you’re in the early stages of shopping for a new car, you may get to a point where you’re stuck between different vehicle sizes. If you know you need more space in your vehicle but aren’t sure if you want a crossover or an SUV, Advantage Ford LINCOLN can help. We’ve broken down the main differences between the two types of vehicles and shared some information about each one to help you decide.

The Platform Makes the Difference

The main difference between crossovers and SUVs is the platform on which they are built. A crossover is based on the platform of a sedan, while an SUV is based on that of a truck. This also means that a crossover has one piece for the body and frame, while an SUV is normally built with the body separate from the frame and later combined. An example of each is the Ford Escape, considered a crossover, and the Ford Expedition, which is an SUV.

Reasons You Should Choose a Crossover

A crossover is built to be a bit larger but handles like a car, making it ideal for city driving. Choose a crossover if you’re looking for something agile, easy to maneuver, and smooth to drive. It of course has plenty of room for both passengers and cargo, and might be able to fit into spaces a bit better than an SUV.

Reasons You Should Choose an SUV

If you frequent rougher terrain, need to tow a boat, RV, or trailer, or have a larger family, an SUV might be perfect for you. While both crossovers and SUVs have ample space for passengers, SUVs often have a bit more room in their third row, whereas crossovers can vary between having two and three rows of seating. If you’re the adventurous type who might tackle off-roading on any given day, an SUV is your best bet.

Test Drive Our Crossovers and SUVs Today

Come on into Advantage Ford LINCOLN and check out our selection of crossovers and SUVs. Our sales team would be happy to walk you through the options and help you decide which vehicle type is the best fit for you and your family. To make an appointment, use our online form or call 800-354-2220.