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Everything You Need to Know About Your Vehicles Battery

What are some warning signs that I need a new battery?

  1. Check engine light is on: There’s a slight chance this light could come on when you have a battery problem. Get this checked out no matter what.
  2. Bad smell: If there’s a leak in your battery, acid or fluid might be coming through. You might first notice this by a rotten smell coming from the area.
  3. Low battery fluid: Check your battery fluid every two months, and more often if your battery is older. This way you can make sure everything looks normal. If the fluid is extremely low, bring your vehicle in to Advantage Ford Lincoln’s Service Center for a check-up.
  4. Slow cranking engine: If your engine seems sluggish, it might be a battery issue. If you notice a consistent problem when starting your car, it’s best to get it checked.
Check Engine Light

How can I make my battery last longer?

  1. Make sure your car is turned on before using any accessories like technology or lights. This also means you shouldn’t leave any devices charging when you leave your vehicle.
  2. If you live somewhere where your battery may be exposed to extreme temperatures, invest in a battery insulation kit (some newer vehicles already have this).
  3. When you do replace your battery, make sure it’s the right one. An ill-fitting or cheap battery can cause damage to your car and will end up being more costly.
  4. If you take a lot of short rides or don’t drive your car much, consider purchasing a portable battery charger so you can jump your battery even if there’s no one around.
  5. When you check your battery, make sure to look at the battery terminals. Getting rid of any buildup will help your battery last much longer. If you need help, one of our service technicians can show you how to take care of this.
Battery Corrosion

What do I do if my battery is dead?

When your car doesn’t start, there’s a pretty good chance it’s the battery. You should always carry jumper cables in your vehicle for this reason, and hopefully you are good to go after getting a jump! If you realize you made a mistake such as leaving on your lights, which drained the battery, there is probably no need to worry. Either way, our service team will be happy to assess your vehicle and see if there is another problem, or check if you’re in need of a battery replacement.

At Advantage Ford Lincoln, we’re happy to help you every step of the way from ordering parts for your vehicle to completing major repairs. Even if you aren’t sure that you have a battery issue, it’s best to give our service department a call at 888-434-5176. We have a great team of highly-trained technicians who will get you back on the road as soon as possible!