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Shopping for a Quality Used Car

Whether you’re looking for an affordable or reliable car, there are several contributing factors to purchase a used car over a new one. Typically buying a used car means you’ll take advantage of incentives like paying less on taxes and registration fees. If you do your homework, used cars will give you the best value for your money in the market.

When it comes to purchasing a used vehicle, you can purchase from an independent seller or go to a car dealership. Our sales team is here to show you the right way. We are known as the dealership where friends send friends!

To narrow your search, begin your car search by answering these simple questions and setting a guideline for yourself.

Price: Do you have a set or flexible budget?

If you don’t include any additional fees in your budget, you might be reaching over for your wallet a second time. Knowing your budget is important. Our experts are here to help you figure out what you can afford. It is our job to show you our inventory for the price you need.

Mileage: Does it matter how many miles are on the car?

Consider the mileage on the vehicle. The fewer the miles the vehicle has the better. It’s not necessarily a bad thing if the car has a lot of miles, however, think about the value of the car in the long run. You want to avoid extra expenses.

Make/Model: What kind of car are you looking for?

If you’re open to any make and model, we have a wider selection for you. If you have a car in mind, our sales team will do their best to give you what you’re looking for.

We want you to find a car that is comfortable for you. Get behind the wheel at Advantage Ford LINCOLN and test drive the vehicle suited for your lifestyle.

Some of our sales staff have been around for more than 25 years and are ready to serve you. Expect a full lot of quality vehicles that will meet your driving needs. You can view our inventory online or stop by our dealership in Fremont, OH. Call 800-354-2220 to schedule an appointment.